Performance Nutrition

TORQ has evolved into the most comprehensive, desirable,
respected and integral Performance Nutrition brand available
today, and is loved and used by world-class athletes throughout
the world. If you have a performance goal, TORQ is there to help
you achieve it.

Natural Ingredients

TORQ use only the purest, most potent natural ingredients and where possible, products are both suitable for vegans and certified Organic by the Soil Association.

TORQ do not use any chemical sweeteners, or artificial colours and when it comes to flavours and textures, performance nutrition has simply never tasted this good.

preservative free No Colours no artitifical sweetners vegan friendly icon organic certified

About the brand

Established in 1999, British brand TORQ has its roots firmly entrenched in fitness consultancy, education and performance coaching, helping athletes to maximise their potential.

TORQ is research-driven, not marketing-led, and this is key to their philosophy. TORQ constantly review the latest sports science research and use it to formulate better, higher functioning products than any other brand in the market today.

Hydrate - Fuel - Recover

A Basic Nutrition Strategy

1: Hydrate

Optimal hydration is essential for general health and wellbeing, as well as offering benefits to exercise performance.

Starting exercise in a well hydrated state boosts your physical and mental capacity, allowing you to complete your chosen sports more efficiently,
for a longer period of time.

2: Fuel

Carbohydrate provides the fuel for exercise, allowing you to maintain your physical performance and delay fatigue.

Fuelling your exercise results in a lower perceived effort as the fuel needed to perform is readily available.

Fuelling during exercise can also support the recovery process by preventing the depletion of the body’s fuel stores.

3: Recover

Choosing to consume a recovery drink post exercise will assist in the replenishment of your carbohydrate stores ready for your next session.

Consuming a recovery drink immediately after exercise will support the growth and repair of damaged tissues, allowing you to become fitter and stronger quicker.

Finally, the fluid within the beverage supports the rehydration process.

Torq Fueling System

TORQ's Fuelling system makes fuelling optimal endurance performance as easy as possible.

Why is it important to fuel during exercise?

Quite simply, you can’t store enough carbohydrate to sustain high intensity endurance exercise indefinitely. At a strong focussed pace, your stored carbohydrate (glycogen) reserves will be used up in less than 90 minutes and when you’ve burned your last gram of carbohydrate, your pace will drop off dramatically – this is called ‘Bonking’ in cycling or ‘Hitting the wall’ in running.

If you fuel with carbohydrate whilst exercising, every gram of carbohydrate you consume represents a gram of carbohydrate you won’t be burning from your stores, so it means that for any given pace, you will bonk/hit the wall later or preferably, not at all. It therefore stands to reason that the more carbohydrate you can take on board and process per hour, the longer you will last.

Why Fuel During Excercise?


TORQ has created a simplied process to guide your fuelling which utilises what they call "TORQ units".

torqunit icon = 30g carbs icon

Each TORQ Energy gel, bar, chew or energy drink serving makes up 1 TORQ unit and contains 30g of Carbohydrates.

Excercise Intensity

More carbohydrate is burnt at higher excercise intensities, so the higher the intensity of excercise, the more carbohydrates that should be consumed per hour.

Low Intensity flame icon green

1 Unit/30g

Medium Intensity flame icon orange

2 Units/60g

High Intensity flame icon orange

3 Units/90g

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