Torq Energy Gel With Guarana - Caffeinated

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Packed with 30g of fast-delivery 2:1 Maltodextrin: Fructose carbohydrate, with the 5 key electrolytes lost in sweat, plus natural flavours, TORQ’s Energy gels have a silky-smooth consistency and are light on the stomach, for the fastest possible absorption.

To aid concentration towards the end of a training session or race, when you are both mentally aswell as physically tired, TORQ have added Guarana, a natural psychological stimulant delivering 89mg of caffeine, to selected gels.

Caffeine consumption during exercise also helps in lubricating the central nervous system, to increase muscular power and efficiency as well as mobilising fat as a fuel source, helping to spare glycogen (your carbohydrate reserves). 

One TORQ gel = 1 TORQ Unit
(See TORQ Fuelling System)