Have you got a query about buying your next bike? Have you got a question about purchasing from us online or do you want more info on one of the services we offer?

We've answered some commonly asked questions below: 

Are you open for business? 

Yes our shop is open for sales and repair. We are open from 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm on a Saturday. In keeping with current guidelines we are asking that only one customer/family pod enters the shop at a time. So please be advised that you may have to wait at the door during busy times. 

Are you accepting bikes for Repair and Service? 

Yes we are specialists in bike repair and servicing and are still accepting bikes for repair by BOOKING ONLY. Please be advised due to current demand we are ordinarily taking bookings for 2 to 3 weeks in advance. We aim to turn around all booked servicing within 1-3 days of the appointment date. 

To make a booking please call by our shop or call (01) 2840609. 

What time is my service appointment for? When do I drop my bike in? 

If you've booked your bike in for servicing or repair you can drop your bike off at any point on the day of your booking. If you cannot drop your bike on the day of your appointment, you can also drop your bike in the day before. Repairs are carried out on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you drop your bike in, the sooner it will be completed and returned to you.

How long does it take to service my bike? 

Once your bike has been dropped off we aim to complete and return your bike to you within 1-3 working days. At extremely busy times or if a part needs to be ordered it may take longer than this to complete the service/repair. We'll do our best to provide an estimate of turn-around-time when we book your bike in and will call to notify you if your bike will require a part to be ordered that will cause a delay of more than a few days.

How much will it cost to repair my bike? 

A summary of our repair costs can be seen on our servicing page. When you drop your bike off a member of staff will meet you at the door to book your bike in. We will note any of your request and assess your bike and provide you with an indication of the turn-around-time for the repair. We can also provide an estimate of cost of repair when you drop off your bike.

Once one of our mechanics is working on your bike if a part needs to be replaced that will require a considerable additional cost, we will call you before continuing the repair. If we cannot reach you this may result in a delay in the completion of your service. For minor additional costs our mechanics will generally use their discretion to replace necessary parts to ensure a swift turn-around time on repair work.

How do I know when my bike is ready to collect?

We'll always call or send a text to notify you when your bike is completed and ready to collect. If you have a bike in for repair and have a missed call from an unknown number on your phone, give us a call it may have been us calling to discuss your service.

Why are so many Bikes sold out?

When the Covid-19 pandemic arose in 2020, factories in Taiwan and mainland China were forced to shut. As a result the production of bicycles, parts and accessories ground to a halt. At the same time with so many people around the world confined to their homes or local areas, many people were looking for new forms of transport and ways to recreate in a safe and enjoyable way. Consequently, the demand for bicycles globally has massively increased, while the production of bicycles and other associated products have faced significant delays and backlogs.

The result is that the demand for products is currently exceeding products that are available to sell and many of the products that we generally carry may be out of stock with our suppliers for weeks to months. We've done our best to order lots and lots of bikes to ensure we always have as many options as possible for our customers and have many products coming into stock every day.

If the product you're looking for is out of stock, get in touch and we'll see if there's an alternatives we can offer. 

So why are sold out products still showing up on the site?

While we know it can be annoying to see so many out of stock products displayed on the site, by keeping these products displayed on our site allows them to go live as soon as they come back into stock. It also let us add a "notify me when back in stock button" so you can receive an email notification when the product you're interested in becomes available again. If you just want to see what's available now, then you can click the "In-Stock" checkbox in the filter menu to hide all out of stock items.

Do we take part in the government cycle to work scheme?

YES we sure do! At the Bikerack we are a participating vendor for the cycle to work scheme. Our staff have lots of experience with the scheme and can help answer any questions you may have. If you want to avail of this service simply drop by are store and we can help you pick out a bike and any safety equipment. We will then provide you with an invoice to take to your employer and in many cases you can even ride away on your new bike in the same day! For full details check out full details on our detailed cycle to work scheme page.