Kids Bikes

Everyone remembers their first bike and the freedom that came with their first wheels. At the Bikerack we stock an extensive range of quality Children's bikes from top brands. 

We stock everything from balance bikes for the youngest kids to scaled down performance bikes for little rippers. 

Where as typically adults bikes are measured by the size of the bicycle's frame, Children's bikes are commonly measured by the size of the wheel. In General the smaller the wheel size the smaller the rider. 

Starting with Balance bikes designed for the youngest riders the following table gives an idea of the correct size bike for kids of a given age, height and/or inseam.

Wheel size Age Height


Balance Bikes 1-3 2'5"-3'4''

12-17" 30-42cm

12” 2-3 2’10”-3’4” 14-17” 35-42 cm
14” 3-4 3’1”-3’7” 16-20” 40-50 cm
16” 4-5 3’7”-4’0” 18-22” 45-55 cm
18” 5-6 3’9”-4’3” 20-24” 50-60 cm
20” 5-8 4’0”-4’5” 22-25” 55-63 cm
24” 7-11 4’5”-4’9” 24-28” 60-72 cm

Please note that this table is purely a guide as children can range massively in size at a given age and not all bikes fit the same for a given wheel-size between.

With Christmas quickly approaching and stock rapidly running out why not check out the Kids bikes we currently have in stock