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Fizik Bar Gel 2 Set
FizikFizik Bar Gel 2 Set
Sale price€24.19

1 color available

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Fizik Antares R1 SaddleFizik Antares R1 Saddle
FizikFizik Antares R1 Saddle
Sale price€225.00

1 color available

Fizik Superlight Bar Tape 2mmFizik Superlight Bar Tape 2mm
FizikFizik Superlight Bar Tape 2mm
Sale priceFrom €17.50

3 colors available

Sold out
Fizik Alpaca Carriage KitFizik Alpaca Carriage Kit
FizikFizik Alpaca Carriage Kit
Sale price€39.99
Fizik Vento Microtex Tacky TapeFizik Vento Microtex Tacky Tape
FizikFizik Vento Microtex Tacky Tape
Sale price€32.99

8 colors available

Fizik Vento Solocush Tacky TapeFizik Vento Solocush Tacky Tape
FizikFizik Vento Solocush Tacky Tape
Sale price€37.39

15 colors available

Save 4%
Fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky TapeFizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Tape
FizikFizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Tape
Sale price€35.00 Regular price€36.29

6 colors available

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