WTB Volt Steel Saddle

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This incredible component is WTB's most popular MTB saddle as it's shaped for speed and comfort which makes it perfect for supporting you as you blast across the mountain.Prepared for all-day adventures, this fantastic seat features a hard-wearing microfibre cover construction.This makes it more than capable of withstanding all the abuse from tricky trail sections and multiple changes in your riding position.Coming equipped with a Flex-Tuned shell and steel rails, this is the ultimate choice of upgrade for riders who want phenomenal strength without any unnecessary weight.Shell: Flex-TunedRail Material: SteelPadding: DnaX paddingUse: MTB, Gravel, Cross CountryDimensions: Narrow: 135x265mm; Medium: 142x265mm; 150x265mmWeight: Narrow: 292g; Medium: 315g; Wide: 320g (approx)