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Sram Disc Brake Pads fit the Sram Trail, Guide and G2 Brakes and come with several options including, metal sintered  compound with steel backing plates, organic compound  with steel backing, or organic with aluminum backing plate. 

Sintered breaking compound is made of pressed metal fragments and offers stronger braking power and better durability. Sintered pads may be louder in the wet but overall offer more braking power. Sintered pads are preferred for Downhill, Enduro and aggressive riding or riders who ride often in the wet.

Organic brake pads are made of compressed organic material. Organic pads offer better initial bite and wear disc rotors at a slower rate, however they wear faster than sintered pads and are more likely to become glazed under heavy sustained braking. Typically Organic pads are better for fair weather riding or for riders who prefer initial brake feel over out and out power. Organic pads are recommended for XC, Gravel and road riding.

Brake pads with aluminium backing plates are slightly lighter than pads with steel backing plates and are the best choice for the weight weenies out there.