Sks Compit+ New Generation & Com/Smartbag Set

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Mobile phone holder with a power bank

The COMPIT+ system consists of a smartphone holder and a power bank. Any mobile device equipped with a wireless charging function can be connected to the +COM/UNIT and charged on the go. In addition to clamping arms, the complete set with accompanying spacers also offers the option of attaching the mobile phone holder to e-bikes with centre displays.

Includes a waterproof smartphone case

The waterproof COM/SMARTBAG universal mobile phone case (suitable for all common smartphones) can then be attached to the holder with a single twist. A special COMPIT cover is therefore not needed. The transparent window ensures convenient operation of the touch screen. The extra pocket underneath not only offers additional space for keys and money, but also for the COM/UNIT power bank for inductive charging of the mobile phone whilst out cycling.

  • Includes a power bank
  • Includes a waterproof mobile phone case
  • Inductive charging function
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Adjustable angle
  • With spacers for different mounting options