SKS Compit New Generation

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One for all: The COMPIT mobile phone holder can be easily mounted on different bicycle handlebars. In addition to clamping arms, the complete set with accompanying spacers also offers the option of attaching the mobile phone holder to e-bikes with centre displays, so that the smartphone and on-board computer form a closed unit on the handlebar.

A secure hold with just a twist

With a single twist, the smartphone can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the bayonet mount and removed again just as quickly. In addition, it can be moved to the desired position with the angle adjustment. The COMPIT holds the mobile phone firmly and securely, even on rough terrain.

Note: A special smartphone cover/bag is required! Only compatible for Bosch Nyon until 2020.

• Suitable for all bikes
• Bayonet fastening
• Horizontal and vertical mounting
• Adjustable angle
• With a spacer for different mounting options
• Made in Germany