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The Pirelli P7™ Sport is a product for those who choose riding for leisure & fitness rather than chasing KOMs with a performance focus. Developed with the intention of lasting longer than Pirelli’s racing products but giving the same feeling of confidence, it provides a greater level of longevity and excellent grip. The new P7™ Sport is the perfect training tyre for racers or the ideal fit-and-forget product for the average rider, built around reliability and durability. Designed with 60tpi TechBELT casing technology, it is also available in wider sizes such as 32mm. It is designed around wider modern rims for even more comfort.

Key Benefits

Mileage longevity
Puncture protection
Dry and wet grip
Great comfort
Superior handling for extremely safe feeling


Pro Compound – mileage oriented formulation without compromising on grip. Tread pattern design derived from P Zero™ Race but with more sipes to enhance warming up and grip in colder conditions.
Techbelt Road – 60 TPI nylon casing structure with an added layer of high cut resistant fabric underneath the tread to provide superior puncture protection in a wide variety of conditions.


Sizes: 700x24, 26, 28, 32c
Casing: 60tpi
Tech: Techbelt Road
Compound: Pro Compound
Weight: 24c > 250g, 26c > 280g, 28c > 310g, 32c > 330g
Optimal Internal Rim Width: 24c > 21mm, 26c > 17mm, 28c > 17mm, 32c > 21mm