Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake

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Making power is easy. Making power with the right feel, that was our challenge. We did this by creating an all-new system.Dominions master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point.

The Dominion A4 caliper utilizes four pistons in the most structurally rigid design possible. It features a cold-forged caliper and KingPin structural pad retention bolt that increases stiffness.

With a motorsports-inspired Two-Stroke dual port bleed system, industry-leading DOT 5.1 fluid and Kevlar hose, the hydraulic system is engineered for ultimate performance across all temperatures and easy maintenance.

The Dominion A4 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with our D-Series rotor to manage the heat with less braking noise.


Pad Material: T106 Semi-Metallic (Included), T100 Sintered Metallic (Included)

Reach Adjust: Tool Free

Pad Contact Adjust: Tooled

Lever Pivot: Sealed Cartridge Bearings

Pad Retention: King Pin

Bleed: 2-Stroke Dual Port Bleed System

Fluid: Hayes DOT 5.1

Graphics: Laser Etch

Alignment: Crosshair