Giro Roc Loc 5 Led Fit System

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The Roc Loc® 5 LED accessory light provides an easy upgrade to boost visibility on busy roads and streets.

The unit is easily recharged with a micro-USB cable, and designed to snap securely into place with the Roc Loc 5® fit system, which is widely available on some of the most popular helmets on the market for road and trail riding.

The slim profile of the accessory light does not interfere with the fit system’s adjustment or function, and the light weight of the system doesn’t add unwanted bulk.

It’s just a fast, easy way to add a bold, bright LED light where and when you need it.


  • 2 hours of charge time
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Tested to IP-65 standard for grit /water resistance
  • Output qualified to FL-1 test standard
  • One size

LED Charge indicator:
- Green = 100-75%
- Orange = 75-25%
- Red = 25-0%


  • Solid: 2 hours at 20 lumens
  • Flash: 10 hours at 30 lumens

Any Roc Loc 5® equipped helmet.