Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock
Ext Aria  Air Shock


Ext Aria Air Shock

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As this is the first air shock from EXT, it is called the ARIA, “air” in Italian. It is completely saturated in novel technology and design approach. Though the EXT brand has become synonymous with unrivaled performance of coil shocks, our knowledge of air spring technology actually began with the William F1 active suspensions project a long time ago, developing products for the highest forms of racing.
EXT took the innovative dual-positive air chamber concept originally made for the Era fork and formatted a new version of it to fit the unique needs of the Aria application. From this groundwork we have created a shock featuring a noticeably improved air-spring, cable of reaching high levels of sensitivity and support currently only achievable with coil sprung shocks.


  • AS3 technology: the dual positive chamber featuring only 2 dynamic seals to separate the 3 different chambers. (EXT unique patented design)
  • Positive chamber +/++ (low/high) with endless adjustment potential via 2 separate air valves to finetune the spring characteristics
  • Negative self-activating large volume chamber
  • Unique air seals design based on aerospace technology
  • Lok 2.0 technology
  • 14 mm superlight weight internal shaft
  • Large 28mm hydraulic main piston
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom-Out Circuit (HBC)
  • Proprietary “Super Finish” surface treatment on sliding parts





No more harsh bottom-out! This system makes the compression progressive, allowing for lower air pressure settings inside the chambers, and offering better traction.

LOK 2.0

An independent circuit valve that produces the support needed for ideal pedaling efficiency. LOK can also be custom tuned based on rider preferences.




Innovative dual positive air chambers and a large negative self-equalizing chamber. This system allows for extensive control over the shock’s air spring curve characteristics.


210 / 50 mm
210 / 52.5 mm
210 / 55 mm
230 / 57.5mm
230 / 60 mm
230 / 62.5 mm
230 / 65 mm
250 / 67.5 mm
250 / 70 mm
250 / 72.5 mm
250 / 75 mm

185 / 50 mm
185 / 52.5 mm
185 / 55 mm
205 / 57.5 mm
205 / 60 mm
205 / 62.5 mm
205 / 65 mm
225 / 67.5 mm
225 / 70 mm
225 / 72.5 mm
225 / 75 mm

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