Cyclon Wet Lube 125ml

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Strong penetrating lubricant with a long lasting effect. For chains that will be exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Product Features

Cyclon Wet Lube 125 ml;
Penetrates bicycle chains for lasting lubrication of extra dirty bicycle chains;
The chain remains flexible, even when the lubricant film has disappeared;
Removes moisture;
Increases your chain's life span.

Cyclon ® MTB Wet Lube 125ml is a highly penetrating P.T.F.E. lubricant for lasting lubrication of very dirty bicycle chains on mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Go-karts and motorcycles.

Directions for use
For optimal result, you should first degrease bicycle chain and parts with Cyclon ® Bionet;
Shake before use;
Use the lubricant about 5-10 minutes before using the bike.
Regular use of Cyclon ® Wet Lube increases the life span of your bicycle chains.