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Brand-X Bolt Thru Axle

The Brand-X Bolt Thru Axle design is made from hard-wearing materials and made to Brand-X's exact specifications. Available at a cost that won't break the bank, these Bolt Thru axles are durable, dependable and the ideal upgrade to your fork or frame.


Featuring a lever-less design for a clean look and added security, these super-tough thru-axles tighten up with 6mm Allen key heads. They're also compatible with the Brand-X switch lever (sold separately), which allows quick installation and removal of the thru-axle on the go, without having to carry a set of Allen keys with you. Available in a range of sizes, Brand-X has produced these thru-axles in the most commonly seen lengths and thread pitches.

Note: It is recommended to precisely measure the dimensions of your existing thru-axle before ordering, see the dimension table below.