BBB Python Lock-On Grips

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A staff favourite, the BBB python grips are an exceptional value grip offering a soft grippy compound and a great feel with or without gloves.

Choose your color to attack the mountain like a snake
A lot of grip can give an uncomfortable feeling on your hands, but not with the Python. The Python is especially designed to give you amazing grip and a comfortable feeling on your hands. The special Hexagon-surface gives you grip in the right direction and makes sure you got grip under the most extreme circumstances. The Python is available in 6 fancy colors; something good for everybody!

  • Designed for the optimal combination of grip and feel
  • Keeps your grip under the most extreme circumstances
  • Slip-free hexagon surface
  • Available in 6 different colours
  • Specifications

    • Colors: Black, Red, White, Neon yellow, Moss green, Blue
    • Lockring: Yes
    • Length: 142 mm