BBB BSB-12S StorePack S

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  • High-end saddlebag with top of the line materials and features
  • Blue interior for optimal visibility of the contents
  • Elastic strap and inside pocket for easy organization of your cargo
  • With mounting strap for a LED rear light
  • Works well with BBB light Spot BLS-147

StorePack / Bag
Saddlebag to store all important stuff to get you through your ride
The StorePack is the perfect pack to store your stuff. Start with choosing your size; are you going for the most fundamental saddlebag with enough space for your most important stuff, or are you going for the most comprehensive one, to take everything with you you possibly need. Or are you going for the nice in between? It's all up to you. They all got a great space use to make the best out of the available space inside. With a great light blue inner liner to find your stuff. And even a lockable and waterproof zipper to make sure you can use him on every ride.


  • ColorsBlack
  • SizesS
  • Bag materialNylon, Polyester, Tarpaulin
  • Bag positionSaddle
  • SeriesStorePack
  • Closing systemZipper
  • Light hangerYes
  • Mounting type iT-buckle
  • Easy-to-mount/removeYes
  • ReflectionYes
  • Water repellent iYes
  • Volume (cm3)370
  • Height (cm)6.5
  • Width (cm)7
  • Length (mm)140