Allen Key 3 Piece Skewer Set - Titanium

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These replacement skewers are a great anti-theft accessory for your bikes wheels. Many modern bikes come equipped with a tool free quick release skewer to fasten the bikes wheels to the bike frame. While this method is extremely convenient when the time comes to remove your bikes wheel when transporting your bike by car or fixing a puncture it provides an easy way for opportune bike thieves to steal your bike's wheel when your bike is locked or unattended. These replacement skewers are easy to fit and use a 5mm hex/allen key to tighten and loosen them when fitting and removing the wheel thus considerably reducing the risk of opportune theft of your bikes wheels. 

The set comprises of 3 skewers: 1 for the front wheel, one for the rear wheel and one for your bikes seat clamp.

  • Alloy
  • Allen key wheel skewers
  • 3 pieces