IXS Trigger Upper Body protection Grey Kids - Medium

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The Kids Trigger Upper Body protection meets stringent cycling standards for safety and the XMatterTM padding ensures that your entire upper body is kept safe no matter how you ride. A leading light for offroad armour, the  Kids Trigger is extremely breathable, lightweight and the impressive ventilation works to maintain your focus and avoid the build-up of perspiration.

A compression fit, the jersey retains energy in the muscles to keep you in the saddle for longer while the ability to continuously explode into berms and kickers will keep the thrill seeker in you happy throughout. For those obsessed with comfort, the Xmatter padding makes each and every adventure better than the last. It works to keep you protected from unexpected falls from the bike and works in tandem with the FlexZip stretchable zip, a feature that allows for a quick and customised fitting that gets you on the trail quicker. If unforigiving terrain is a cause for concern then you can bank on the NockOutTM absorbent padding in the chest to add a durable layer of safety to the body.

Ready, aim, fire! Shoot yourself downhill and through technical sections full of confidence thanks to your new Kids Trigger Upper Body protection.

Size Guide

 Height 120cm - 130cm 130cm - 140cm 140cm - 150cm