Torq Hypotonic Electrolite Plus Drink Tube Of 6

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The convenience of electrolyte tablets, but with superior performance, TORQ’s Hypotonic drink represents the fastest possible way to hydrate in a 100% natural formulation.

Electrolyte-only drinks / tablets assist with fluid absorption but require artificial sweeteners to make them palatable. TORQ’s Hypotonic drink contains a small amount of carbohydrate (15g) to add natural sweetness, but most importantly, to rapidly increase fluid absorption, hydrating you better than water or water & electrolytes alone.

TORQ Hypotonic addresses those scenarios where hydration is of greater importance than fuelling e.g. a turbo session, a spinning session, an intense ride, a hard-short run, or for riding in hot conditions for longer steady-state periods e.g. training camps.

The 15g / 60 Kcal of carbohydrate supplied per 500ml constitutes ½ a TORQ unit, so can still form part of your TORQ Fuelling strategy as required.

Each tube contains 6 x 500ml servings, making 3 litres in total. The tube itself is very resilient and is ideal for a jersey pocket on a long ride or can be stored in a gym bag.