Nukeproof ISCG05 Top Chain Guide with Bashguard

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Designed by the Nukeproof engineers for performance, this top guide with bash ensures that you don't drop your chain when out on the MTB trails. It features a hard-wearing alloy backplate with a composite top guide. This makes it more than capable of withstanding all the knocks and jolts as you blast across the mountain. Nukeproof has also equipped this trail-ready top guide with a soft rubber co-moulded into it. This also reduces wear and noise from your chain and increases its longevity.

MTB Top Guide with Bashguard

Ready for intense off-road adventures, this top guide also comes equipped with two bashguards. This allows you to choose from a guard for 32T chainrings or a guard for up to 36T chainrings, so you have everything you need in the box to get riding. One final highlight is the Nukeproof ISCG Top Guide With Bash comes complete with stainless steel hardware. This means you'll benefit from its maximum strength in all-weather conditions.

This guide fits all bikes with an ISCG 05 mount and comes with plenty of washers to allow you to fine tune your chainline setup.



  • Backplate Material: Alloy
  • Hardware Material: Stainless Steel
  • Use: MTB
  • Compatibility: 28-36T chainrings, Boost and Oval
  • Weight: 106g (32t bash, 3x bolts & 3x 3mm washers)


  • Colour: Black - Black, Purple - Black, Copper - Black, Grey - Black, Blue - Black, Red - Black
  • Teeth: 28-36t