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The Miss Grape"Node" bag is housed on the top tube and can be positioned behind the stem or alternatively at the intersection between top tube and seat post. The node comes in two varieties: A universal strap mounted version and a bolt on version that is designed to fit bikes which have dedicated "Bento" mounts on the top tube.

The regular version Is fastened with provided velcro straps to the toptube and headset (or seatpost). The node features three height positions to accommodate frame bags and other accessories. The opening is via a large zipper port designed for convenient one-hand access. The inside is softly padded and thermally insulated to protect your valuables, snacks and accessories. Mesh side pockets provide additional storage for small items, food wrappers etc...

The node is the perfect accessory pack for audax riders, bikepackers or road, gravel, touring and mtb riders who want convenient access to mid-ride essentials, food, phones etc...


Node Top Tube bag Regular - size: 25x7cm, Fastening system: Velcro Universal

Node Top Tube bag Bolt-On: size: 25x7cm, Fastening system: M5 Bolts X2, Included