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The Giro X-STATIC Supernatural footbed kit is a performance insole kit designed to provide you with a comfortable and supportive fit. 

When riding clipped in, it's important that your feet are properly supported. As different people need varying degrees of arch support, Giro Supernatural footbed kit comes with 4 arch support inserts so you can choose the correct arch support for your foot shape. Unlike corrective orthotics, these insoles are designed to support your foot shape to prevent the foot from splaying out when pushing down on the pedal. This improves pedalling efficiency, helps prevent blisters, hot spots, foot cramping and discomfort. As your feet are one of your main interactions with the bike, problems due to your feet being unsupported can propagate upwards causing issues in the knees, hips, added saddle pressure or hand pressure. Due to this footbed kits are one of the most affordable investments you can make towards your comfort and performance on the bike. 

While Giro's footbed kit is designed to work specifically with Giro cycling shoes, they will work with many other brands of shoe. Simply trim unnecessary material with a sharp scissors along the marked cut lines