Cannondale Scalpel Carbon SE LTD Lefty 29 Mountain Bike 2021

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Scalpel SE is the ultimate marathon racer and high-speed trail slayer. World Cup fast and all-mountain fierce – this is next-level cross-country mountain bike performance.

Where it thrives

High-speed trails

What it's built for

Full-throttle trail riding


The key to Scalpel’s incredible suspension performance and light weight. These patented carbon plates create virtual Horst link pivots, while being stiffer and lighter than bearings. Incredibly durable. Incredibly flexible. And completely maintenance-free.

Proportional Response

Unlike the competition, who use the same suspension kinematic across all sizes, we customize the layout of our suspension for each one, so that every rider, from the smallest to the tallest, experiences the same brilliant suspension performance.

Lefty Ocho 120

The Ocho’s 120mm travel and extra-long fork offset gives you more stability and confidence when things get rough, while keeping the steering XC-quick everywhere else.

STASH Kit Compatible

Compatible with the STASH kit (purchased separately). An aftermarket kit containing everything you need for lightning-fast trailside repairs stashes neatly under your water bottle. Quick and easy.


An integrated wheel sensor delivers hyper accurate speed, route and distance info, registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more, all through the free Cannondale App.

Ai – Asymmetric Integration

Our unique offset drivetrain delivers big tire/mud clearance while keeping the chainstays short for traction and agility. Factor in that it also creates a stiffer, stronger rear wheel, and Ai is a win-win-win.

Two Waterbottles

Proper hydration, without the pack. Hallelujah!

DirectLine Cable Routing

Tube-in-tube internal cable routing in the frame and swingarm makes installing cables quick and easy.