SKS Bluemels Mountain Mudguard Set 65Mm

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A real shine! Not only do the BLUEMELS SHINY mudguards from SKS look shiny, they also provide reliable protection from dirt and water. The mudguards are robust and rigid. Fenders feature a sandwich design with superfine aluminium strips embedded in plastic sheathing.

Whether on dirt tracks or forest paths, the BLUEMELS SHINY provides excellent all-round protection mounting close to the tyre. The ASR safety release system releases stays should branches become trapped between the mudguard and the front wheel. Includes a struts kit, a stainless steel fixed bridge and mounting materials. Made in Germany.


material: plastic
color: black
wheel size: 26 "
tyre width: 60 mm
length front fender: 650 mm
length rear fender: 1115 mm