Blackburn Dayblazer 400 Front + Click Usb Rear Light Set

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The Blackburn Dayblazer 400 Front + Click Usb Rear Light Set is our most popular lightset here at the Bikerack. With a super bright 400 Lumen front light and the compact click rear light these light represent fantastic visibility, reliability and ease of use for 90% of users. These lights are perfect to be seen on busy roads and the 400 lumen Dayblazer front light is bright enough to lead the way and draw attention in poorly lit areas and brief stints in unlit areas. 

With several flashing and constant mode the light output and battery life can be altered to meet your needs and they're usb rechargeable so no need to worry about buying batteries ever again.

The integrated mounts fit all styles of bikes and the compact design makes them easy to throw in a pocket or bag when you're locking your bike up. 


Here's what blackburn say. 

Looking for a light set that is simple, affordable and bright? The DAYBLAZER 400 front and CLICK USB rear is just the ticket. The DAYBLAZER 400 features our blitz daytime running mode, versatile mounting options, excellent side visibility and the click rear light packs 20-lumens of light.

• Meets ANSI FL-1 standards
• Excellent side visibility
• Mounting strap fits some helmets
• Micro-USB rechargeable
• LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
• 3-hour recharge
• 59 grams

• 20 Lumens
• Versatile silicone mount fits tube diameters from 15-35mm
• Amazing 180-degree bezel allows for excellent side visibility
• Charging cable included
• Lithium polymer battery
• 3-hour recharge time
• 22 grams